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The Middle East, a complete range of getaways

From the Fertile Crescent to the Arabian Peninsula, the Middle East constitutes the cradle of world culture. Between the riches of black gold and religious archaeological sites, the whole history of the world can be discovered during a stay in the Middle East.

The Mediterranean region has quite a few marvels in store for you during your travels in the Middle East. Everything from the Pyramids of Giza, to the Temple of Luxor, to the Library of Alexandria, a stay in Egypt will carry you to the far reaches of history. Israel will be the opportunity to dive into the origin of the great monotheistic religions, unless you would prefer Tel Aviv and its night time frenzy. Treat yourself to an airline ticket to Jordan and admire its sumptuous palette of colours. The whiteness of Amman, the pink of Petra, the Red Sea and all the nuances of yellow of the desert form a true master canvas. The architectural treasures of Lebanon speak of the origin of these people moulded through cultural expansion.

There's a striking contrast with the new destinations in vogue: from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, a flight to United Arab Emirates will shock you with its modernity that can be seen in all its excessiveness. Projects always more original in terms of the technological revolution, this Middle East is taking on the guise of Las Vegas. The Sultanate of Oman with its dhows transporting incense draws you into the legend of Sindbad. Its desert, still filled with Bedouins, keeps all the beautiful mystery of the travelling caravan tradition. To the south of the Arabian Peninsula, there's the legendary Queen of Sheba who is still there at the heart of Yemen. That which we nickname 'Happy Arabia' possesses some remarkable architecture.

Furthermore, how to resist the appeal of the muezzins of Mecca in Saudi Arabia and the marine environment of Qatar and Bahrain?