Air France price display

•Prices advertised are subject to change without notice before a booking is confirmed. Please check exact price and conditions applicable for your chosen dates and flights at time of booking. 
• All prices are in EUR and per passenger and include taxes and charges. 
• Prices may differ from the displayed fares at short notice as prices and availability are updated frequently. 
• Seat availability may be very limited at the prices displayed for desired travel dates. 
• Travel periods can vary and blackout periods may apply. 
• Check-in baggage allowance may differ. Please check  at the time of booking.
• Credit card surcharge may apply up to a maximum of €25 per ticket.
• Flights may include connections. 
• Flights may be operated by airline partners in which case Air France products and services may not be available at the airport or on board. 
• Conditions of carriage and fare rules apply. Tickets may not be changeable or refundable after booking and additional charges may need to be paid. For non-flexible tickets booked, tickets are only valid for the dates shown, and first sector must be flown to avoid cancellation of all sectors booked.
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