To help you to get ready for your trip, please find below the resources on how to find the travel requirements, including discounts for Covid-19 tests. Please note that it is your responsibility to check and comply with all the requirements.


Please check the Irish Government guidance to travel from the Republic of Ireland during the Coronavirus pandemic.
For all travel requirements to travel abroad, visit Traveldoc before your departure.


To travel back to the Republic of Ireland, you will need to comply with the most updated entry requirements from the Irish Government.
Failure to show a passenger locator form and a negative Covid-19 test is a criminal offence. You will not be allowed to board the aircraft and you might be fined.
Please make sure you check the Government website for the latest information updates.


Check Traveldoc for the required tests to travel out of the Republic of Ireland, to your destination of choice and for your return. When travelling abroad you need to book and pay for a test privately. The free tests offered by the HSE or the NHS are not valid for travelling.


  • Test clinics supplier: Randox Health
    Cost: Eur 69
    Location: On site only

Covid-19 test locations worldwide

View global rapid and PCR test locations on the SkyTeam website.


Our partner Allianz Travel has expanded its insurance policies to cover epidemics and pandemics.


The testing supplier listed in this page is an independent entity and KLM assumes no responsibility for the Covid-19 testing service mentioned. Should you choose to purchase a Covid-19 test from this supplie their terms and conditions will apply.


For a smoother experience at the airport on the day of departure and to make sure you have all the health documents necessary for travel, Air France can check your Covid-19 related entry documents in advance for you. You just need to simply collect the documents at home and upload them before your trip.

Please note that this service is free and only available on selected flights. If your flight is selected for this service, you will receive an e-mail a few days before departure.

This is how it works

A few days before departure, customers travelling on eligible flights will receive an email inviting them to upload their health documents on an Air France online platform.

1. Check which documents you need

Make sure to check which COVID-19 related documents you need for your destination here.

2. Collect your documents

Gather your COVID-19 related entry documents at home at your own pace.

3. Upload to Air France

When you receive the invitation, please upload all documents in the link provided to make sure you get a positive validation from Air France. Please be aware of the date validity of your documents.

4. Get approval from Air France

These documents are then checked and if they are complete and correct, a confirmation message is sent to the customer who will then be able to obtain the boarding passes on e-services.

5. If a document is missing

If a document is missing or incomplete, customers will receive a notification message inviting them to transfer the missing documents or to present them at the airport on the day of their trip.

6. Once all document are validated

The passenger will be able to obtain the boarding passes on e-services. The boarding passes will be issued with the remark "Ready to Fly”. On presentation of this Boarding Pass or the confirmation email at the various checkpoints, the customer shouldn’t have to show all of his documents again.

7. What are the advantages of this service

  • 1. Won’t miss any of the required COVID-19 related entry documents;
  • 2. Have validation of your COVID-19 related entry documents in advance;
  • 3. Can gather your documents at home at your own pace;
  • 4. Minimize the COVID-19 checks at the departure airport, so you can reduce your waiting time.

8. How does Air France use my personal (health) data contained in the uploaded COVID-19 related entry documents?

Your personal (health) data provided will solely be collected and used by Air France with your consent to check if your COVID-19 related entry documents meet the requirements set by the country of your destination. If you travel in a group, this consent applies to all passengers for who you upload the COVID-19 related entry documents. The uploaded COVID-19 related entry documents that contain your personal (health) data and/or the (health) data of those with whom you travel will be deleted after validation by Air France. For more information on how to delete your uploaded COVID-19 related entry documents earlier and data protection, please see Air France Privacy Policy.

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