Yan Toh Heen: scallops in a bird's nest

Yan Toh Heen: scallops in a bird's nest

Taste exquisite food in jade dishware.

You have chosen one of the best Cantonese cuisine restaurants in the world. Yan Toh Heen, one of the restaurants in the Intercontinental, has two Michelin stars. Revamped in 2013, it has new decor, and a new kitchen, but the classics remain, such as Peking Duck, one of the few twists in Cantonese cuisine.

An amazing and huge black marble Chinese seal welcomes you at the entrance, engraved with the restaurant's name reflected on the window underneath. On its tables, equally splendid jade dishes exalt your meal.

Guests come from far away for the divine dim sum, which includes steamed grouper, shrimp paste and pepper, and steamed crabe royal and vegetables. And, even rarer, scallops in bird's nest with a gold leaf. Of course, you don't have to limit yourself to dim sum. Try wok sautéed diced wagyu beef, garnished with green peppers. Here, everything is a delight.

Yan Toh Heen
Intercontinental Hotel
18, Salisbury Road
Hong Kong

+852 2313 2323


Menu: around 8,000 HKD