Wynwood, the enchanting neighbourhood of urban art

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Wynwood, the enchanting neighbourhood of urban art

North of Downtown Miami, the city's business district, Wynwood is home to treasures well known to the initiated, but perhaps unknown to many.

Wynwood is home to some of the world's finest works of urban art. In 2009, about 20 artists were invited to create art on Wynwood Walls. Since then, the neighbourhood has been covered with the invigorating colours of graffiti artists. The frescoes roll by but are not alike. You will recognize the signature of the artist baptized Evoca 1, driven by his desire to awaken consciences to the painful conditions of homeless men. More lightly, KashinK paints colourful portraits of four-eyed characters, while Steep draws his mystical creatures in the heart of Amazonian biodiversity.

A real open-air museum, come and discover the atypical walls of Wynwood, chosen by the best painters on the streets to express a creativity that is still too little known. Opt for the guided Art Walk Tour to not miss a thing!

NW 2nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33127

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