Wild Maupiti

Wild Maupiti

More remote and picturesque than other neighbouring islands, Maupiti is just as heavenly. The promise of a break from tourist frenzy, for globetrotters who want to get off the beaten track.

Travellers on the tranquil shores of Maupiti stroll and daydream. Over 11 sqkm, the tiny island counts preserved spectacular fauna and flora, as well as a genuine Polynesian way of life. This is the island for bike tours and canoe rides. With a guide, climb to the top of Mount Teurafaatiu - over 370m- and embrace the panorama of dazzling splendour.

Another site you need to absolutely explore is the Vaitia Valley, legendary place where an imposing flat rock is the supposed remnant of the canoe of Hiro, the great hero and demigod who divided Huahine, another Sous-le-Vent island in the Society Islands.

The sumptuous Maupiti lagoon and its jade colours offer beautiful deep-sea diving, where manta rays love to swim.