Tzuru Nikkei: the pinnacle of multicultural cuisine

Tzuru Nikkei: the pinnacle of multicultural cuisine

This Asian-Peruvian restaurant is a favourite canteen of the European crowd in Lima.

Elegant without being stuffy and always busy, this multicultural hotspot takes you on an epic culinary adventure, with flavour sensations from around the world. It is loved by locals and aficionados of Peruvian cuisine, which, with roughly 500 dishes in its gourmet traditions, is one of the most diverse in the world. The Tzuru is exceptional. Rich in spices and innovative ideas, dishes include the pejerrey de pinta crocante, silverfish served with a delicate ceviche juice foam, or the Peruvian spin on Japanese maki, all executed perfectly. At Tzuru, service and consulting work in perfect tandem: it is customary to ask the chef to come to your table and explain his recipe. For dessert, try the exquisite fuyu no uta, with sesame, green tea ice cream, crushed hazelnuts and grapefruit leaves.

Tzuru Nikkei
Calle 21, 707
San Isidro
Lima 15036

+51 (0)1 225 2195

Menu: around 90 PEN