Trapizzino, a cone of pleasure

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Trapizzino, a cone of pleasure

The Guardian has ranking it among the best restaurants in Rome. Halfway between pizza and tramezzino, discover trapizzino, the most delicious snack!

Past the red awning bearing the name Trapizzino, enter the simple room with brick walls. There, the most important thing is behind the long bar, where the chef prepares trapizzini upon order.
Presented in a cardboard cornet, these succulent filled triangles represent the successful and original marriage of pizze and traditional white bread sandwiches.
Two thick slices of sourdough fougasse (seasoned flat bread) garnished with typical Italian dishes such as stewed beef or chicken alla cacciatara, octopus, sausage, zucchini with mortadella… these snacks titillate the taste buds of foodies and gourmets alike.
This snack, born in 2008, under the leadership of Stefano Callegari, now flourishes as a chain in Italy and internationally – all the way to the United States!
A deserved success since Trapizzino carries taste and tradition as a standard.

Via Giovanni Branca, 88
00153 Roma

Tel :+39 06 4341 9624

Menu: around 4 EUR