Time travel in the medina - EN

Time travel in the medina - EN

North of the city, the old medina holds Casablanca's memories in its heart.

The old medina of Casablanca dates back to the 16th century. The best way to visit is to head over the port, along the Boulevard des Almohades, dominated by the ramparts of the city with its cannons pointing at the sea. Next, simply enter the countless narrow tangled up streets and let your inspiration be your guide. The medina is a labyrinth where you will easily lose yourself, but rest assured, you will always find your way.
Not far from the boulevard, make sure to go to the Ould el-Hamra mosque, as well as the Koubba of Sidi Bou Smara – a charming little square adorned with an ancient fig tree. Stop at the fruit and fish markets offering a wide range of produce. Continue on and enter the Sidi el-Kairouani sanctuary, named after the first patron saint of the city. Your visit ends once you have reached the main gate of Bab el-Kebir, a few steps from the United Nations square.

Ancienne médina
Boulevard des Almohades
20250 Casablanca