The Della Grazie Church: Leonardo da Vinci frescoe

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The Della Grazie Church: Leonardo da Vinci frescoe

Beauty, mystery, and fragility: The Last Supper is one of the finest works of the great Renaissance genius.

Milan considers Leonardo Da Vinci its native son. He lived here for 20 years and it is where he developed his engineering talents to their fullest. At the request of Lord Sforza, his patron, he painted The Last Supper on the walls of the refectory of the convent of Santa Maria della Grazie.

The masterpiece has been in peril since its inception because, to accelerate the work, Leonardo devised a faster drying process. As a result, only 20 years after the fresco was completed it began deteriorating.

Since then, it has been a major headache: restorers continue to come up with methods to protect it. Some also say that the fresco contains many mysteries and hidden puzzles...

Eglise Santa Maria della Grazie
Piazza di Santa Maria della Grazie
20 123 Milan