Re-opening of the City of the Ocean

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Re-opening of the City of the Ocean

Playful and smart, the City of the Ocean has much to teach us about human life and its relationship to the world's oceans.

The City of the Ocean reopened its doors to visitors on 6 February 2016. Designed by New York's Steven Holl Architects, the City's double-wave shape matches the real thing crashing along the Basque coast. Avant-garde as much for its architecture as its spectacular temporary exhibitions, the City of the Ocean is a fully interactive space dedicated to making us better understand and think differently about ‘Planet Ocean' and our relationship with water. When Nature unleashes its power, how should we fathom this? And will the use of marine resources and energies promote sustainable development?

« Océan et climat : chaud devant ! »

Cité de l'Océan
1, avenue de la Plage
La Milady
64200 Biarritz

Till the 31st décember 2016

10:00 a.m. – 7 :00 p.m. from Wednesday to Sunday, open every day (exceptions: March open from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. and closed on Mondays)

PRICE: 11.50 EUR adult / 8.50 EUR student / 7.50 EUR children / Family Pack 39 EUR (2 adults and more than 2 children)