Rafting and kayaking in the Sarapiquí River Valley

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Rafting and kayaking in the Sarapiquí River Valley

The lively, rapid waters of the Sarapiquí River, fed all year by rainfall, are appropriate for adventurers of all levels who wish to navigate between banks overgrown with tropical vegetation.

The ‘Pura Vida'(‘Good Life') in Costa Rica is not, as the saying goes, a long, quiet river... to the delight of kayakers, white-water rafters, and those who enjoy ‘tubing' (using large inner-tubes as flotation devices). The country is well watered by rains throughout the year and completely crisscrossed by rivers and small streams, some of which are great for turbulent water activities. These are practised through courses for beginners, or outings accompanied by a guide--at full speed for the thrill, or more calmly to take the time to observe the rich fauna and flora on the banks of the Rio Sarapiquí. Another very famous descent is the Rio Pacuare, further south. You will never tire of rowing, in joy and good humour.

Rio Sarapiquí
Provincia de Heredia