Pop over to Fiesole to see its Roman amphitheatre

Pop over to Fiesole to see its Roman amphitheatre

In summer, the heat is so intense that the Florentines desert. To get some fresh air and altitude, take a nine-kilometre bus drive to this picturesque and bucolic town.

To reach Fiesole, perched 300 metres above sea level on a hillside northeast of Florence, just hop on bus number 7 (Piazza San Marco) and press your nose against the window to admire the passing scenery of cypress and olive trees, small churches, and steep roads. Fiesole has many cafés and a flea market much frequented by Florentines. Far from the throngs of tourists, it has long been a haven for dreamers, including Marcel Proust and André Gide.

While some visitors are content just to take in its panoramic views after a nice walk to the convent of San Francesco, others continue on to its archaeological site, occupied by the Etruscans and the Romans, who built a huge amphitheatre. The truly curious carry on to Villa Medici, the first Renaissance home with its own garden.

Archaeological Area
Via Portigiani 1
50014, Fiesole

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