Papeete market, for Polynesian authenticity

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Papeete market, for Polynesian authenticity

Among the oldest institutions of the Polynesian archipelago, the Papeete market is a must to delve into local culture.

Probably one of the liveliest places in town, the Papeete market has remained authentic and shows the various aspects of Polynesian culture, historical first, at it counts among the oldest institutions in activity on the archipelago. Some 500,000 people sift through its alleyways each year! Over 7,000 sqm, feel its charm and take in the flurry of activity.

This vibrant covered market is also the cultural and social centre of Papeete. Merchants have come from the entire island to gather behind the stalls. Fish, fruits, vegetables, spices, oils and deli food represent a large part of local gastronomic traditions, while craft – textiles, shell necklaces – will take you further into Polynesian daily life. The market is open every day and is most animated from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. However, the high point is still the Sunday morning, when stalls are allowed to be set outside. Expect a unique atmosphere, starting as soon as daybreak!

Papeete market
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