Oisushi, the celebration of Japanese-Brazilian fusion cuisine

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Oisushi, the celebration of Japanese-Brazilian fusion cuisine

Oisushi, when the refinement of Japanese gastronomy meets the colourful and joyful excitement of Brazil. Pay a visit to this Roman restaurant, a wonderful representation of fusion cuisine.

Celebrate the surprising and successful marriage of Japanese culinary tradition and the unparalleled flavours of Brazilian cuisine at Oisushi. Any choice will delight your taste buds: sushi, rolls or boldly revisited tartare.

With creativity and enthusiasm, pairings of raw fish and exotic fruits give pride of place to this fine example of fusion cuisine.

In a calm and cosy atmosphere, all of your senses will awaken at the sight of these meticulously prepared dishes, with the fruity and tangy notes of the skilfully combined sauces on the palate.

Choose the Mazara red prawns flavoured with orange zest and hazelnut, salmon tartare with avocado, chicharones, capers, fried onion and bottarga or a seabass roll with mango, rocket, lemon zest, raisins, sansho, soy sauce and lemon. For dessert, treat yourself to a lemon mousse, coffee and brigadeiro (a chocolate confectionery) or maravilha cheesecake, inspired by the sweet delicacies of Brazil. You will not regret it!

Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 163
00186 Roma

+39 06 6476 1035


Menu: around 20 EUR