Malabar: daring and modern cuisine

Malabar: daring and modern cuisine

Opened in 2004, this restaurant is run by the innovative Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, nicknamed ‘the jungle chef' because of his dishes inspired by the ancient Amazon.

At the height of Peruvian gastronomy, Pedro Miguel Schiaffino works with ingredients from the Andes and the Amazon jungle. Reflecting the latest culinary trends, his menus boldly modernise traditional Peruvian food.

The innovative leader of neo-adventurers cuisine, he has perfected recipes with natural products that we knew nothing about just a few years ago. The restaurant has received many awards and honours, and is regularly included among the top 100 restaurants in the world.

The menu changes with the seasons, and each visit to his table promises to be a sensory adventure full of delights and surprises. Among the highlights, the pancetta ham and plantain tacos with kimchi and coconut cream will seduce gourmet enthusiasts, while the jerky duck salad with spicy sauce and coriander will win over the most demanding patrons.

Av. Camino Real 101
San Isidro
Lima 15073

+51 (0)1 440 5300

Menu: around 116 PEN