Larcomar: an outdoor shopping mall

Larcomar: an outdoor shopping mall

Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, this universe dedicated to shopping is one of the prides of the Peruvian capital.

This ultra-modern shopping centre offers the best shopping and entertainment in Lima. With beautiful views of the Costa Verde, it is the idea place for a romantic afternoon, or for watching the sun set over the Pacific.

The cosmopolitan clientele is a mix of locals and visitors, including cruise-ship tourists. All the major international brands are represented, and there are plenty of nice terraces and a variety of restaurants serving all manner of cuisine. There's a multiplex cinema that screens international films, a theatre, bookstore, library, and several agencies specialising in trips and treks. Needless to say, this beautiful space, among the most attractive in the affluent Miraflores district, attracts huge crowds.

Avenida Malecon de la Reserva 610
Lima 15074

+51 (0)1 625 4343