La Maison Bleue, the connected beer bar

La Maison Bleue, the connected beer bar

In Brest, you can drink some cervoises, an ancestral beer, and other fermented drinks in a typical Breton atmosphere, with a twist.

An unusual Brestois bar, La Maison Bleue gets its originality from new technology: a connected beer filler. In this favourite place of locals, you can serve yourself a drink with a prefilled and reloadable connected card. You can taste nearly 24 types of beer (in moderation of course), nine of which come from the region. The Sant Erwann, Octopus, and La Licorne are all well known here and you can also ask the staff for suggestions - they will be happy to find the best option for you. For a bite to eat along with your beer, choose from one of the famed artisanal conserves, or a delicious gourmet plate of cold meats and cheeses. There are rock, jazz and soul concerts depending on the agenda, to accompany your tasting.

La Maison Bleue
29, rue Pierre-Brossolette
29200 Brest

+ 33 (0) 2 98 45 98 03

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