Hotel Éclat: a glass-encased jewel

Hotel Éclat: a glass-encased jewel

A gustatory stopping place between art, nature, luxury, and ecology.

The view from the sublime and ultra-contemporary Hotel Éclat is an exceptional experience. Alongside offices and luxury stores in a glass pyramid, the hotel gives you the feeling of entering an imaginary world. There are Dalí Surrealist bronzes alongside works by Andy Warhol and current Chinese artists.

On each floor and behind each door, a unique world opens up to you, sometimes in the style of an English gentleman's club with thick carpets and Chesterfield sofas, and sometimes Japanese-inspired. Some 20 suites have a Jacuzzi, terrace, and jet pool. This construction is environmentally responsible: rainwater is filtered, like the air; ultra-insulating glass walls protect travellers from polar winter cold. In the lobby, a tropical forest offers a moment of calm for the eyes as well as for the mind.

This is a five-star hotel that deserves its reputation.

Hôtel Éclat
9 Dongdaqiao Road
Chaoyang District

+86 (0)10 8561 2888

Rooms: from 1,679 CNY