Holyroodhouse Palace: a royal residence

Holyroodhouse Palace: a royal residence

Queen Elizabeth II's official royal palace in Scotland, Holyroodhouse sits at the bottom of Edinburgh's Royal Mile and has spectacular views of Arthur's Seat.

Built on the ruins of the Church of the Holy Rude, this Baroque palace regularly hosts members of the royal family during special celebrations and ceremonies. It is, however, possible to visit when it is not occupied. It is a place closely associated with the turbulent history of Scotland and the glory of Mary, Queen of Scots. The centrepiece in the apartments of the illustrious queen is her bedroom, especially the bed where Mary nearly lost the child she was carrying, following the heinous murder of her supposed favourite—a murder ordered by the king consort himself, Henry Stuart, known as ‘Lord Darnley.' The traces of blood on the ground could never be cleaned and are still visible! Continue the tour with the great gallery adorned with portraits of the kings of Scotland, painted by Jacob de Wet. Inaugurated by Queen Elizabeth in 2002, the Queen's Gallery hosts an extensive programme of exhibitions of treasures from the Royal Collection.

Palace of Holyroodhouse
The Royal Mile
Edinburgh EH8 8DX

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