Glancing over the world at Hugo & Co

Glancing over the world at Hugo & Co

Refined and satisfying, the food at Hugo & Co takes you to all five continents in a friendly atmosphere.

With his characteristic passion and energy, chef Tomy Gousset has created a stylish and laid-back atmosphere for his new hallmark, centred around a gigantic open-plan kitchen. The concept is based on sharing (and therefore choosing) several dishes on the table to try them all.
Plates are always displayed with the utmost care: from Cambodian bao buns and oxtails to a tabbouleh revisited with fried tofu and avocado, the chef has a talent for exalting each dish.
Hugo & Co looks halfway between a typically chic Parisian bistro and a trendy New York bar. Small crates dress the walls in between multicoloured neon lights. It is also possible to take a seat on the very comfortable high stools of the terrace. Venture with friends or family, you will not regret it!

Hugo & Co
48, rue Monge
75005 Paris

+33 (0)9 53 92 62 77

Menu: from 35 EUR