Full sail to the Glénan archipelago

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Full sail to the Glénan archipelago

With its white sandy beaches lapped by translucent water, the Glénan archipelago off Concarneau feels like it's in the South Seas.

In the Glénan archipelago, around the main, floral-rich island of Saint-Nicolas, are dozens of small islets and rocky outcrops-island paradises surrounded by simple turquoise waters. Protected from pollution and endowed with an ecosystem of incredible wealth, they provide splendid opportunities for diving: if you're lucky, you'll come face to face with a harmless basking shark. But for visiting the islands by sea, sailing is undeniably the best option, especially as the Glénan-Concarneau sailing school is one of the largest in Europe. For a sailing course, a weekend, or a simple outing, you can choose from a wide fleet of catamarans, cruising boats, sea kayaks, windsurf boards or dinghies. Don't pass up a chance to dine at Les Viviers Glénan, the restaurant of the Castric family, owners of the famous fish tanks of Saint-Nicolas, which serves a fabulous blue Breton lobster.

Les Glénan-Concarneau
Place Philippe Vianney
29900 Concarneau

+33 (0)2 98 97 14 84


Les Viviers des Glénan
Île Saint-Nicolas
29170 Fouesnant

+33 (0)2 98 50 68 90