Mercado Dédalo, for bohemian arts and crafts

Mercado Dédalo, for bohemian arts and crafts

In the effervescent Barranco district, this incredible gallery has become all the rage.

All the cool-looking bric-a-brac imaginable adorns the nooks and crannies of this bargain-hunting paradise, a concept store where you can buy everything from original Peruvian quinoa to alpaca sweaters, local crafts, and decorative items designed by young contemporary artists. There is lots of ready-to-wear by Peruvian designers, along with jewellery, tableware, ceramics, handbags, and luggage. The beautiful books in the library, ranging from tomes on Peruvian magic to children's lit, can be signed out or read on the premises. There is a bar at the back, with tables under the trees in the garden. Don't miss the annex, Dédalo Arte y Artesanía, which has a very astutely curated selection, dedicated to the artistic avant-garde of the last two decades.

Mercado Dédalo
Saenz Peña 295
Lima 15063

+51 (0)1 477 5131