Carnaval Ayacuchano de Lima: a traditional celebration

Carnaval Ayacuchano de Lima: a traditional celebration

If you are visiting Lima in late March, don't miss the unforgettable Ayacuchano carnival.

Ayacucho, a city and a province in southern Peru, attracts crowds with its complex folklore, acrobatic dances, and living traditions.

Every year the carnival is an opportunity to unite all the villages of the region. It takes place mainly in the Santa Rosa complex, between the centre of Lima and Rimac, one of the poorest districts of the city. Tourists are rare for this unique event; it's best to be guided by locals.

It's a fabulous party in a very friendly neighbourhood. At night, the arena turns into a dance floor. You might not be able to master the Andean dances, which can be tricky, but the catchy, often melancholic melodies are sure to grab you.

Santa Rosa District
On the main road to the banking centre of Santa Anita

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