Caffè dell'Opera, Italian finesse

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Caffè dell'Opera, Italian finesse

Caffè dell'Opera is a great success among Rome's locals and gourmet visitors alike.

Formerly reserved for only spectators of the performances given at Rome's opera, Caffè dell'Opera has established itself as a restaurant in its own right, now welcoming foodies irresistibly attracted by the simple menu of Manzarpane, the capital of Roman gastronomy. The expertise of the Spanish chef enhances traditional Italian cuisine by mixing in accents from his Iberian origins.
Gourmet tapas of Serrano ham will whet your appetite, then give in to a tongue salad with turmeric, capers and mustard, a turbot fillet with orange, fennel and olives or courgette lasagne with swordfish and mozzarella di buffala fumata.
At reasonable rates, treat yourself to a special occasion, sit on the terrace and enjoy a glass of wine from the selection offered by Michel Magno. All the makings of a perfect dinner!

Caffè dell'Opera
Piazza Beniamino Gigli, 7
00187 Roma

+39 06 4816 0504

Menu: around 15 EUR