Bottega Fratelli Salvo, genuine Neapolitan pizze in Beijing

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Bottega Fratelli Salvo, genuine Neapolitan pizze in Beijing

Two Neapolitan brothers, Italian products and a unique pizza dough recipe. These are the three ingredients that make Bottega Fratelli Salvo so special, in the heart of the trendy Sanlitun neighbourhood.

A base that is at once crispy and tender, simple toppings that enhance the taste of the burratina arranged like Chinese dumplings, and a few leaves of basil. The wood oven and handmade pizzas of Bottega Fratelli Salvo transport Beijing locals to Naples in one bite. In the kitchen, two brothers: Daniele and Paulo Salvo, born of a Neapolitan family where making pizzas is a skill passed from generation to generation since 1928. While leaving for Beijing, the two Fratelli retained their grandfather's secret recipe: Salvatore Salvo was indeed a major pizza artist back in Naples. Keepers of this heritage, Daniele and Paulo perpetuate the family destiny, using a bright red wood-fired oven, which you can glimpse at from your table through the open kitchen. Their authentic Neapolitan pizzas are prepared with Italian products, making the Bottega one of the major Italian restaurants of the capital. So much so that a second address opened in the Xinyuanli neighbourhood.

Bottega Fratelli Salvo
2/F Nali Patio 81
Sanlitun Road
Chaoyang District

+86 (0)10 6416 1752

Menu: from 88 CNY