Bistro Vienna: the neighbourhood brasserie

Bistro Vienna: the neighbourhood brasserie

Say its name and smiles brighten the faces of Hamburg. This restaurant is a classic that always pleases.

One has to take one's time at Bistro Vienna. Enjoy a modest glass of white at the counter, talk to the waiter, converse with your neighbours… The restaurant is very small, so it invites cosy gatherings. The room can only accommodate 30 people at a time, but in summer the Biergarten multiplies your chance of getting a seat. This Hamburg institution does not take bookings. The only way to get a table is to wait patiently at the bar. The warm atmosphere provides a foretaste of Sven Bunge's flavourful cuisine, which is European, not just Austrian, despite the restaurant's name. Still, don't pass up the Wiener Schnitzel, with cucumber salad and potatoes, served on red-and-white chequered tablecloths under mirrors that make the room feel larger. This is a (very) good address in the Eimsbüttel district.

Bistrot Vienna
Fettstraße 2
20357 Hamburg

+49 (0)40 439 9182

Menu: around 25 EUR