Bice: a lighter take on Milanese cuisine

Bice: a lighter take on Milanese cuisine

The grand daughters of the founder of this typical trattoria perpetuate the tradition and reputation of this very good restaurant.

It is impossible not to order a risotto alla Milanese—saffron risotto—in which butter and Parmesan cheese are added to make it creamy. It is so rich here that it is not an appetiser but a main course. It also comes in a lighter version, as the Ruggeri sisters have made the menu heavy on light, vegetarian cuisine to suit the slender silhouettes of Via Monte Napoleone. All of the ‘Golden Quadrilateral' comes to this traditional trattoria, which also does “light” versions of grilled shrimp in mint and curry served with rice pilaf for lunch and dinner. For dessert, even just once, try the Gianduja ice cream.

Bice Restaurant
Via Borgospesso 12
20 121 Milan

+ 39 (0)2 7600 2572

Menu: around 40 EUR