Fishing Lab, freshly caught fish

Fishing Lab, freshly caught fish

Located inside the Palazzo dell'Arte dei Giudici e Notai (Palace of the Art of Judges and Notaries) is a restaurant-museum filled with secular paintings from the Middle Ages.

An architectural treasure of the Trecento (14th century) and a symbol of the pre-Renaissance (the Renascimento), the Palazzo dell'Arte dei Giudici e Notai sits upon archaeological remains from the Roman era and the Middle Ages. In 2005, researchers found a series of portraits of the poets Dante, Petrarch, and Boccaccio, commissioned for the Palazzo Vecchio.

In this historic place, the maritime atmosphere almost gives you the impression of sailing the ocean. Chi ama il mare ama Fishing Lab they say, who loves the sea loves Fishing Lab. Almost a proverb, the sentence rings like a slogan for this restaurant where fish is king. Raw or cooked, but always caught on the day, it is always perfectly prepared. From rockfish nuggets to seafood arancini, salted cod cooked in rosemary and a whole seabass, you will find seafood in every shape of form. A pure delight for all food lovers.

Fishing Lab Alle Murate
Via del Proconsolo 16r
50122 Firenze

+39 055 240 618

Menu: around 18 EUR