General terms and conditions of the Flying Blue Programme

2. Earning Miles

2.1 Miles earned by the Member shall be credited to the Member’s account irrespective of the identity of the person or entity paying for the tickets or services, provided the Member has submitted the membership number when booking the flight, at the time of issuing the ticket, when checking in for the flight, and/or when signing the contract for provision of services by a Partner. Members are personally responsible for informing any third party or legal entity paying for the tickets, transaction or services, including but not limited to the Member’s employer, with respect to the Miles and advantages obtained under the Programme.

2.2 Each Member should verify that Miles have been duly credited to the Member’s account.

2.3 The Company reserves the right to debit the account of any Member who has acquired Miles unduly.

2.4 Flights qualify for Miles and/or XP accrual in accordance with the conditions indicated in Flying Blue Communication. XP and/or Miles accrual may be reduced or excluded on certain booking classes or fare types or flight numbers on Air France, KLM, or Airline Partner operated flights as specified in Flying Blue Communication. In particular, Reward tickets, travel industry reduced rates, free or non-revenue tickets are excluded from Miles and/or XP accrual. All services provided by Non-Airline Partners qualify for Miles accrual under the conditions indicated in Flying Blue Communication. Any services provided by Non-Airline Partners at employee-reduced rates do not qualify for Miles accrual.

2.5 In case of flight cancellations by Air France, KLM and other SkyTeam Partners or other Airline Partners, including but not limited to weather conditions, labour disputes or security reasons, the Member will not earn Miles and/or gain XP.

2.6 All XP and Miles and subsequent Rewards must be gained, earned and used according to the rules and guidelines in these Terms and Conditions.

2.7 The Member must actually travel to gain XP and earn Miles. XP and Miles will not be awarded on unused, forfeited, fraudulent, lost, out-of-date or refunded tickets. The Member can gain XP and earn Miles only for the flight flown, even if the Member purchases tickets for other people or purchases several seats on the same flight. On Air France and KLM operated flights, a Member can earn Miles in case of booking of an extra paid seat (including but not limited to a stretcher or transportation of fragile oversize baggage in cabin) provided the extra seat is booked under the same name as the Member and in the same booking class as the Member’s one. In the event of a transfer onto an alternative flight due to unforeseen circumstances the Member will gain XP and earn Miles for the flight the Member originally purchased, not for the route flown. Miles are earned on services and/or extra options only if used personally by Member. The Member’s account can be credited only once for each flight flown and can be credited only once for each service used. The amount of Miles assigned will be based on the Member’s level at the moment of each flight flown.

2.8 In case of upgrades, XP and/or Miles will be awarded based on the initial purchased fare and not on the actual class of service flown.

2.9 While the Company makes every attempt to provide accurate credit or mileage, it is the Member’s responsibility to retain necessary documents such as boarding passes and passenger receipts required for retroactive credit.

2.10 Unless otherwise stated by the Company or its Airline and Non-Airline Partners, including SkyTeam Partners, Members who are also members of other loyalty programmes should note that only one loyalty programme is allowed to be used for the accrual and/or redemption per booking per member, including but not limited to the use of services and benefits connected with the loyalty programme. In such cases, Members should choose between programmes for each flight or for each service.

3. Spend Miles for Rewards

3.1 When a Member has earned a sufficient number of Miles, the Member may request a Reward in writing, through the Internet or by telephone naming the beneficiary, in accordance with the procedures governing the issuance of Rewards as set forth in Flying Blue Communication. Reward booking and application procedures may be modified by the Company.

3.2 Only the Member is entitled to apply for a Reward. The Member may order a Reward either for himself or for any other person designated by the Member at the time the Reward is requested, subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Programme. In the event the Member is legally incompetent (of major or minor age) the Reward must be requested by the Member’s legal guardian or representative.

3.3 Neither Air France nor KLM shall be liable for any loss, expense (including, without limitation, attorneys' fees), accident or inconvenience that may arise in connection with the use of Rewards or as a result of any defect or failure of Rewards ordered from Partners.

3.4 Lost, stolen or expired Rewards will not be refunded, replaced or extended.

Airline Rewards

3.5 Reward tickets are valid for a period of 12 months from the date of issuance of the Reward ticket, with some exceptions such as special Promotional Offers or those declared in a specific market (information provided locally). Once the ticket has been issued, a Member may, subject to conditions, change or cancel his Reward ticket prior to departure of the first flight segment and shall do so in accordance with the procedures as set forth in Flying Blue Communication. Once the trip has commenced, only the date may be changed. These rules do not apply in case of Promotional Offers. In case of no show and after the return date if the trip has not been made, the Airline Reward is no longer valid and cannot be refunded. A change of beneficiary will never be accepted. Depending on the type of Reward, an administrative fee in case of change and/or cancellation may be applicable as further defined in Flying Blue Communication. It is up to the Member to consult the conditions applicable to the use of their Reward and, where applicable, subscribe to an appropriate insurance to cover the circumstances under which they would have to cancel their trip. Extra options obtained with Miles are always subject to the conditions of the relevant airline.

3.6 All Airline Rewards must be taken on routes that are operated by Air France, KLM and Airline Partners. Airline Rewards may be limited on selected Air France or KLM code-share flights. Miles are deducted when the Reward (Reward ticket or Reward Upgrade) is issued.

3.7 To travel with a child younger than two (2) years of age, an adult travelling with a Reward ticket must make a booking for the infant with the airline on which the Reward ticket is issued, according to the applicable tariff rates of the said airline.

3.8 A beneficiary entitled to a travel-category reduction (child, student, senior citizen, etc.) cannot be granted any reduction in the number of Miles required for the Reward ticket.

3.9 Reward tickets and Reward Upgrades are non-endorsable and cannot be used on an airline other than the airline whose designated airline code is indicated on the ticket, unless otherwise decided by the applicable airline at its reasonable discretion.

3.10 A Member can request a Reward Upgrade for an eligible flight on an airline offering this Reward as defined in Flying Blue Communication subject to the condition that the Member has a confirmed (not waitlisted) and issued full-fare ticket. A Member can Spend Miles for only one Reward Upgrade per flight. It is impossible to have a double Reward Upgrade from Economy to First Class.

3.11 The Member or beneficiary of any Reward is responsible for paying all applicable taxes, fees, levies and/or surcharges associated with the issue or use of a Reward (including carrier surcharge when applicable) and obtaining necessary travel documents for the Airline Reward, including visa, vaccination and insurance. Furthermore, the Member or the beneficiary will adhere to any legally or otherwise required country-specific regulation and check the customs formalities in force in the destination country. If a Reward ticket is not valid anymore and has not been used for transportation, the Member or beneficiary has a right to reimbursement of taxes and fees depending on effective boarding. The refund request of these amounts can be submitted directly online (free refund) or by contacting the Flying Blue Customer Service Centre (charges may apply).

3.12 Depending on the Reward involved, Airline Rewards will either be sent to the e-mail address given by the Member or collected at selected airport or city ticket offices allowed to issue Reward tickets. As soon as the Reward application has been processed, the Miles required for the Reward are debited from the Member’s account in accordance with the scale in force on the application date, first using the Miles earliest in date. Internal difficulties may result in late debits to accounts. If tickets are issued by Air France or KLM establishments or agencies, Members must show their Card. If the person collecting the ticket is not the Member, that person must submit for each ticket collection, in addition to the Card of the Member (or a copy thereof), proof of identity of the Member and a signed affidavit from the Member, bearing his original signature, authorising such collection. This procedure may be modified or suspended at any time by the Company. The Company cannot be held responsible for delays or losses caused by postal services or by customs procedures.

3.13 Reward tickets shall be issued in accordance with the schemes and conditions specified in Flying Blue Communication. All Reward tickets are subject to changes in air traffic rights, or decisions taken by the aforementioned airlines in their reasonable discretion to close any flight segments.

3.14 Rewards in the form of extra baggage allowance is the extra baggage allowance above the normal allowance in the class paid for or the Member’s status in the Programme, as further defined in Flying Blue Communication. Extra baggage Rewards are valid only on eligible Air France, KLM flights and Partners flights designated as such in Flying Blue Communication.

3.15 Reward tickets may not be used for medical stretcher transport, baby seats, the accompaniment of children by hostess, or to obtain an extra seat.

Non-Airline Rewards

3.16 Any Member having the required number of currently valid Miles may benefit from a Reward for him or herself or any other persons designated by the Member under conditions and subject to restrictions notified to the Member. Any beneficiary of a Reward must meet the legal requirements for the use of the desired service (e.g. age, driving license) and must abide by the conditions laid down by the Partner concerned, notably in regard to deposit payments on bookings with Partners. Modification and cancellation conditions for Non-Airline Rewards are set forth in Flying Blue Communication.
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