New York: a Big Apple that is good for you

‘There's no place like New York. It's the most exciting city in the world now. That's the way it is. That's it.' Which is what Robert de Niro once said and no one who has walked down the sidewalks of the Big Apple would say otherwise.

Urban destination par excellence, one walks down the blocks of New York's streets for the first time with the nagging feeling that one has already been here. All those images from movies and magazines, photographs that you have seen your entire life come to mind and now, here you are, in person! New York is full of contrasts, a joyful melting pot of 8.5 million inhabitants.
Biting into the Big Apple means downing a bagel slathered with cream cheese or drinking a coffee in a paper cup as you walk along, occasionally admiring the skyscrapers far above you. It means contemplating bicycle couriers and yellow taxis while appreciating the graffiti and the massive water towers atop buildings of all styles and eras, and roaming the ‘villages', each with their own stories. Exploring New York means enjoying being startled by honking cars and screaming sirens from the Empire State Building to the Rockefeller Center, from Central Park to Wall Street. Life in New York means taking a ferry across the bay, running for the subway, or taking in a gallery, a museum, or a Broadway show.
Thrilling, exciting, varied, and cosmopolitan, New York never disappoints. Living in a fast-paced, constantly bubbling atmosphere, time flies and life never stops.
Throughout the city, trendy cafés, neighbourhood canteens, happening bars, American diners, speakeasies, and restaurants abound all the cuisines of the world can be found in them. Gourmet food markets, boutiques of the latest young designer, established flagship brands, intimate jazz clubs, and glittering theatres are all available for the taking.
Fancy on Fifth Avenue, bobo in the West Village, noisy on Broadway, natural in Central Park or hipster in Brooklyn, all the moods and styles you need are at your doorstep. Welcome to New York!

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