Discovering Tokyo, "capital of the east" in Japan

Tokyo ("capital of the east") is both the centre of the Japanese archipelago's power as well as the world's leading financial hub. With about 13 million inhabitants, it is the country's largest city. The greater area is the largest in the world with nearly 38 million inhabitants.
Located on the same name bay, Tokyo is an important opening to the Pacific Ocean as well as to the entire Kantō region. The climate is subtropical and humid and winters are mild. However, the summer period is very hot and humid. The season is preceded by periods of rain and sometimes tropical storms and cyclones. Note that Tokyo is also located on an active seismic zone.
Tokyo has also had a strong economic boom since the 60s. The city of Tokyo has many very modern skyscrapers as well as traditional buildings such as sanctuaries or Buddhist temples.
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What to do during your stay in Tokyo?

During your stay in Tokyo, you can visit many remarkable traditional buildings such as Buddhist temples and Shinto sanctuaries. Don't miss Kōkyo, the imperial palace in Tokyo.
Science buffs will love visiting the numerous science museums: National Museum of Immerging Science and Innovation, Museum of Maritime Sciences, National Museum of Nature and Science. Tokyo also has a multitude of art and history museums: the National Museum of Tokyo, the Nezu Museum, the Idemitsu Art Museum, the Suntory Museum of Art, the National Museum of Modern Art, etc.
Would you like to take advantage of your holiday in Tokyo to discover Japanese traditions? Why not attend a tea ceremony in an authentic tea pavilion or take a class in traditional flower arrangement? Take the time to visit the city's parks and gardens (gardens at the imperial palace, Rikugien, Koishikawa Kôrakuen, etc). You can shop on Omotesandō avenue in the numerous luxury shops.
There is always something to do in Tokyo: traditional activities, excursions and visits!

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If you don't understand Japanese, we recommend using public transportation outside of the big cities. Signs are never translated. Take advantage of your holiday in Tokyo to discover Japanese culture and cuisine. Don't hesitate to visit the Tsukiji fish market, one of the world's largest markets. You will find fish, seafood as well as fruit and vegetables.
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