Discover Shanghai, a world-class city in China

Located in the east of China, Shanghai is the country's most populated city with more than 18 million inhabitants.
At first, Shanghai was a small port that thrived on textile production. Its central position on the Pacific coast enabled it to become an important, strategic place for trade. A world-class city, it hopes to become a big financial centre and is currently booming for culture.
The city is divided in half by the Huangpu River: Puxi (to the west) and Pudong (to the east). During Shanghai's history, Puxi developed first. Since the 90s, Pudong to the east has undergone important development with the construction of many buildings: the Pearl of the Orient, the Shanghai World Financial Centre, the Jin Mao Tower, etc.
Today, during a stay in Shanghai you can admire traditional architecture such as the Jing'an Temple, the Jade Buddha Temple and the House of Tea, and more modern buildings such as the Shanghai Museum and Opera. You can take a walk in the Yuyan Garden in the centre of the city's historical district. It is a famous traditional Chinese garden of 2 hectares, considered the most beautiful landscaped garden in the city.
The city of Shanghai has a sub-tropical, humid climate and summers are very hot with an average of 27°C in July and August, and humidity is also very high (+ 80%). We recommend visiting Shanghai during the months of May and June, or in September and October.

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