Sao Paulo

Your airplane ticket to Sao Paulo with Air France

Air France is an airline which flies to Sao Paulo on a regular basis. If you'd like to visit this bustling city, you simply have to type in your travel dates! The economic capital of Brazil has plenty of surprises in store for a holiday you'll never forget!
Sao Paulo is the financial and commercial heart of Brazil and the Latin American continent as a whole. The largest city in the country, Sao Paulo prospered as a result of the cultivation of coffee and sugar. Innumerable parks, museums and other sights await. The city is also a hub of the sporting and arts worlds, with world-famous events such as Sao Paulo Fashion Week and the Brazilian Grand Prix. Sao Paulo is a city that's conscious of its past yet also forward-looking. It comprises a multitude of very distinct districts, from the tallest skyscrapers in Brazil, like the Altino Arantes, which, at 161 metres high, bears an almost uncanny resemblance to the Empire State Building, to more traditional districts with a timeless feel. Nicknamed Sampa by its inhabitants, Sao Paulo boasts a delicious local culinary tradition that's as diverse as its roots (Middle Eastern, Portuguese, African and Italian!), original architecture and weather that you'll never have time to get bored with! Lively and flamboyant, Sao Paulo is a city that's really booming!
After your flight from Dublin to Sao Paulo has touched down, set off to conquer this city of a thousand sights, each more amazing than the last. You could visit the Sao Paulo Museum of Art, with its stupendous collection of western art, the neo-gothic Sao Paulo Cathedral or view examples of 'pixaçao', a street art style which has become a means for young people from deprived backgrounds to express themselves. If you want to get away from it all, you could head to Ibirapuera Park. This green lung in the heart of the metropolis contains three lakes and extends over almost 2 square kilometres. There's no doubt that Sao Paulo is a city that never ceases to amaze with its zest for life!

Your stay in Sao Paulo and Brazil

Your stay in Brazil could begin in Sao Paulo, which is sure to satisfy even the most demanding tourist thanks to the sheer diversity of its attractions. Then you could continue your journey through the southeast of Brazil, which is the most heavily built-up part of the country, boasting three large cities: Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte and of course, Rio de Janeiro. Rio is famous for its magnificent setting on one of the most beautiful bays in the world, not to mention the statue of Christ the Redeemer which towers majestically over the city. The carnival and samba are equally iconic symbols of Rio. The city's beaches are an ideal place to top up your tan and marvel at the picture-perfect scenes stretching out before you. Parati, on the Costa Verde, is also well worth a visit. This small town between Rio and Sao Paulo makes for a very pleasant stop-over with its sparkling baroque architecture in shades of blue, ochre and green!
In the north of Brazil, the landscape is mostly forested. Although deforestation is an issue, these habitats are still immensely rich in flora and fauna. In the centre-west, the picture changes radically, with dry plains, savannah and marshland.
When you travel to Sao Paulo and Brazil, you'll quickly see that the country's fabled multi-ethnicity is no myth. Brazilians are descended from a huge variety of cultures and peoples, and the culture is therefore formed from a vibrant blend of influences - the Indigenous people, the Portuguese, and other immigrants who brought the traditions of their home countries with them.
In Brazil, Portuguese is the main language, but Italian, German and Spanish are also widely-spoken. Why wait? Book your flight to Sao Paulo now and discover a country that's as beautiful as it is welcoming!

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