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Paris is a city of international importance, as well as the home of the Eiffel Tower and the famous Louvre

The beautiful city of Paris is truly unforgettable. Many visitors will remember the beautiful architecture and unique romantic ambience. Others will be drawn to the famous galleries and museums, such as The Louvre. Paris is situated in the very heart of France, in terms of its situation and in terms of its culture, as the country's vibrant and exciting capital city. It is the home of 2 million people, though the wider urban area has an estimated 12 million people living there. Paris is known as the "City of Light", partly because it was one of the first cities to use gas street lighting in the 1800s. This name also reflects the city's role in the Enlightenment period of scientific and rational advancement.
However the history of Paris goes back to the 3rd Century BC. By the 12th Century the city was a large and influential centre for education and trade. Paris today continues its important international role in economics, the arts and culture. There are many unique attractions in the city, such as its iconic landmark, the Eiffel tower, and the beautiful architecture of the Cathedral Notre-Dame-de-Paris. There are many more things to do during your stay, and Paris makes an exciting and interesting holiday for any traveller.
You can visit Paris in the most French way by flying with the country's largest airline, Air France. It is possible to book online to buy your airline ticket, and also check in online. There are a range of personal options , such as seat location and menu to choose. There is also plenty of entertainment to enjoy during your flight, with films, music, and games available during the journey. Check out the latest offers to get the best value deal.
The attractive climate of Paris means that the city can be enjoyed all year round, although it is warmest in the months of May to September, with average daily temperatures of around 20 degrees Centigrade in the hottest months. The main language spoken is French and the currency is the Euro.

From the Mona Lisa to the Champs Elysees, there are many memorable sights and sounds to the city of Paris

Paris is an influential city in fields as diverse as fashion, academic study and economics. This diversity means that there are many exciting attractions in Paris to visit during your stay in the city. Paris is the home of the world-famous art gallery The Louvre, which has a fascinating architecture, and also displays the iconic painting, the Mona Lisa with her 'enigmatic smile', by Leonardo da Vinci. The city also hosts the twice-yearly Paris Fashion week, which is the highlight of the haute-couture calendar and an essential destination for the fashion lover. The famous street of the Champs Elysees has many interesting theatres, luxury shops and cafes to visit. Throughout Paris, there are romantic restaurants and attractive streets to walk through and soak up the atmosphere.
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