Moscow, Europe's largest capital

Would you like to purchase a plane ticket for Moscow ? Air France offers several daily flights to Moscow, the capital of Russia. You will depart from Dublin to connect in Paris for a direct flight to Moscow.
Total travel time from Dublin to Moscow , takes between seven and nine hours, with a +3 hour time difference.
You will land at Moscow-Domodedovo, located 42 km to the southeast of Moscow, which you can reach by Aeorexpress in about forty minutes. Once there, you can get around on the subway: Moscow's subway is the world's largest along with Tokyo. Moscow is located in western Russia, in the European part of the country. It is also Europe's largest city with 12 million inhabitants, nearly 9% of the country's population.
The Moskova River crosses Moscow and has always played a historical role in Russia, whether during the Tsars' reign, before the Russian Revolution in 1917, or during the Soviet period, since Moscow was the capital of the USSR until it fell in 1991.
After seven decades of Soviet regime, Moscow today is a popular destination among tourists looking to explore the fascinating history of Russa.

Moscow, fascinating architecture

Moscow is a city whose architecture has been marked by the city's different periods. It was dominated for a long time by Orthodox churches until the Stalin era with the construction of wide avenues and skyscrapers as well as huge common residential buildings.
Today, the Orthodox churches remain and the Imperial Palace has been renovated to welcome the public once again.
Moscow offers fascinating architecture, such as the Kremlin area that groups together several must-see tourist attractions. To begin with, Cathedral Square, a legendary group of churches with sumptuous cupolas and historical palaces, and of course, Red Square which has several remarkable buildings, such as the Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan and Saint Basil's Cathedral. The Kremlin Armoury is also worth a visit to see some of the world's unique objects such as the throne of Ivan the Terrible or Catherine the Great's first crown.
Immerse yourself in Moscow's culture and attend a ballet or opera in the legendary Bolshoi theatre, or visit the Tretiakov National Gallery which exhibits no less than 130,000 masterpieces by Russian artists.
Moscow's subway is also worth a visit. The stations are richly decorated with remarkable artwork from the socialist realism period. Finally, Moscow also has several natural parks, such as the Patriarch's Pond or Alexander's Garden.

Travelling to Moscow: useful tips

If you fly to Moscow , you will need a passport that is valid for at least six months after your departure date from Russia, as well as a visa .
The currency is the Russian rouble (RUB). You may exchange currency in many exchange offices. Credit cards are accepted in large establishments. However, you will have to pay small purchases in local currency.
The best periods to visit Moscow is in spring and summer because winters are very cold, with average temperatures of -15°C in January.

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