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Luxembourg is the capital city of the country of the same name, and has an important historic legacy

Luxembourg is a small country in the heart of Western Europe, being bordered by Belgium, France and Germany, and often visited during holidays to the nearby countries. It has been embroiled in many European wars throughout the centuries due to this location. However its famous fortress has kept the city safe in many altercations throughout the ages, making the city known as the 'Gibralter of the North'. The whole country has around half a million people living there. The international airport is near to Luxembourg City, the capital.
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The languages of the country are French, German and Luxembourgish, though many can also speak English.

Luxembourg has much interesting arts and culture to explore during your stay

The beautiful architecture and many squares and parks are part of the beauty of this city, so walking or cycling around is a great way to learn more. Dominating the city is the famous Luxembourg Fortress, which has dated back to the 10th Century when the country was established, but has also been partially demolished in the 19th Century. The remains have been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site, as has the older parts of the town.
There are a number of interesting museums and galleries to explore. The National Museum of History and Art shows pieces from throughout the ages of Luxembourg, including modern and traditional art, and archaeological artefacts. The Luxembourg City History Museum tells the history of the last thousands years of the country. The National Museum of Military History shows the military side of this story. The Mudam displays modern art. There are a number of other small and interesting museums around Luxembourg City.
The Grand-Ducal Palace is a must-see, though the Palace is not always open for visitors. However you can enjoy a view of this building while enjoying the hot chocolate of the Chocolate Company opposite.
One way to enjoy the city and the local countryside is via bike tours, which will take in local vineyards as well as a number of sights.
There are a number of local food specialities, though many are shared with the neighbouring European countries. Bouneschlupp is a casserole of bacon, beans and onions, which is considered a national dish.

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