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Would you like to discover Nigeria? With Air France , service with a smile starts as soon as you book your airplane ticket to Lagos. Our cabin crew is here to assist you throughout your journey. What's more, it's child's play to reserve your flight online on our site. To make our prices as clear as possible, they're all displayed on a map of the world. You can also view all our special offers and promotions via the site.

Once you've booked your ticket and checked in online, you can choose your seat (middle, window, aisle…). Register on our site and you can make full use of our AF In Touch service which will keep you abreast of all the developments concerning your flight to Lagos. You'll be kept informed of any changes or relevant information (boarding gate change, baggage unloading due to begin, delays…) via text message or email, meaning you'll never be caught out by the unexpected. If your flight is cancelled, we will find you an alternative flight.

Once on board, our staff will be doing all they can to make you as comfortable as possible with our top-quality in-flight service. For example, during your flight to Nigeria (which takes over 6 hours), we'll serve you at least one meal and a drink. If you'd like to keep up to date with world events, we'll supply you with a selection of newspapers. You can also enjoy a film on your personal in-flight entertainment centre. This will help your journey to go by more quickly and pleasantly.

Discover the largest city in Nigeria

Travel to Lagos the stress-free way with Air France. If you're going to Nigeria, you can obtain a visa within 48 hours. Whether you're going on a business trip or for holidays, you should see your doctor before your departure in order to ensure you have all the vaccinations you need (Hepatitis B, Meningitis, DTP…). When in Nigeria, avoid drinking the tap water, buy mineral water instead.

Lagos is Africa's largest city. This city, with its 15 million-strong population, is a hive of activity. It is no longer the country's capital city, this status having been transferred to the more central location of Abuja in 1991, together with the instruments of government. For getting around Lagos, the motor vehicle is king. With Air France, you can hire a car which will be waiting for you immediately outside the airport.

The port of Lagos is one of the largest in Africa. Spread over several islands located in the city, the harbour is a hub of commerce, especially relating to the oil industry. This English-speaking country, (the local language, Yoruba, is also very widely-spoken), boasts a vibrant cinematic culture. Lagos is one of the principal film production centres in Africa - it's from the name Nigeria that we get 'Nollywood' in emulation of Hollywood and Bollywood. Why not discover the cosmopolitan world of Lagos for yourself? With Air France, you can even book your hotel accommodation .

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