Discover Hong Kong and the rich Chinese civilisation

Hong Kong is both a city and a region (1100 km2) in the People's Republic of China that currently has a population of over 7 million inhabitants. Hong Kong is one of the most developed regions in China, thanks to its economy linked to its being one of the world's largest financial centres and its port activity (international trade).
Hong Kong has an unusual topography, being both mountainous and wide open to the China Sea. Its territory can be divided into three areas: the Island of Hong Kong, Kowloon (territory across from the island) and the New Territories (accounting for 9/10ths of the administrative region).
Hong Kong has a subtropical climate and a dry winter, while spring and summers are hot, humid and rainy (especially between June and September). If you want to visit this part of Asia, we recommend that you go to Hong Kong in autumn for sunny weather and pleasant temperatures.

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Total travel time is between 18 and 25 hours with connections in Amsterdam or Paris. The time difference
between Ireland and Hong Kong is +8 hours. In order to minimize jet lag, we recommend going to bed earlier the days preceding your trip to Hong Kong and to adjust your watch as soon as you board. Also drink plenty of water during the trip. Finally, when you arrive at your destination, avoid sleeping during the day.
Take advantage of your stay in Hong Kong to discover local cuisine: the city has about 11,000 restaurants. Walk through the city and admire the skyscrapers from the top of Victoria Peak, stroll along the Avenue of Stars and find traditional products in typical Chinese markets. Why not go on a pilgrimage to the Po Lin monastery? Don't wait to visit our website to reserve your plane tickets to Hong Kong !

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