Direction Cuba: to discover Havana

Havana, Cuba's capital, is a port city with over 2.4 million inhabitants. It is located on the northern coast of the island, on the straits of Florida. Havana is an important city that holds a strategic position in the Western Indies. It is in fact the largest city in the Caribbean.
Although Spaniards visited the island as early as 1509, it wasn't until decades later that the city's walls were built by colonists. Since the island had no gold mines or precious stones, many colonists preferred to leave the city for Mexico and South America. At that time, Havana was mainly a trade port often pillaged and destroyed by pirates and corsairs. Finally, Spain built forts around the city in order to control the territory and smuggling activities. It wasn't until 1592 that Havana became a city and then the capital (1607). From that time, it was considered to be the "Key to the New World and Rampart of the Caribbean."
During the short period when Havana was under British control (1762), Cuban society rapidly changed. Since trade was opened with the North American colonies, many African slaves were brought to the island to work on sugar cane plantations. Cuba's economy boomed during the 19th century until the wars for independence that ended in American occupation of the island. During prohibition in the United States, Cuba became a favourite destination for Americans. In 1959, the Cuban Revolution brought about new transformations, both economical and social.

What to do during a stay in Havana?

Havana stands out for its Spanish colonial architecture which has been preserved from modernism. During your stay in Havana, you will have the chance to admire many baroque and neo-classical buildings as well as homes with arcades as you stroll through the city. In fact, old Havana is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list. You will also see numerous wonderful "old Americans", cars that still drive on Havana's streets as if you were taken back to the pre-revolutionary period.
Many palaces, museums and fortresses are open for visit to discover the city's history and culture: Castillo de la Real Fuerza, Castillo de San Salvador de la Punta, the Segundo Cabo Palace, Casa de Africa, the Rum Museum, etc. You can discover the history of Havana and Cuba.
Thanks to a tropical climate, Havana have pleasant temperatures year round: between 22°C and 28°C. It is a choice destination for a holiday in the sun.
Like all tropical destinations, the summer period (between June and October) has high precipitation. The city is situated to the north of the island and more sheltered than the rest of the island.

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