Take off to discover Bangkok, Thailand's capital

Would you like to go to Asia for your next holidays to discover the famous city of Bangkok?
Bangkok, Thailand's capital, has a population of more than 8 million inhabitants. It is a city where tradition blends with modernism. The Chao Phraya River crosses through the city, separating it into two distinct zones: the traditional right bank with canals (that is why Bangkok is nicknamed the "Venice of Asia") and the more developed left bank.
Take advantage of your stay in Bangkok to visit old Buddhist temples, such as the Wat Pho Temple, the Royal Palace, the Vimanmek (former royal palace) etc.
Are you looking for new experiences? Why not meditate with the monks in the Wat Mahathat Temple, located in the north of the city, or open the doors to one of the massage schools in Bangkok to learn the techniques of Thai massage.
Whether you eat in the street or in a restaurant with fusion cuisine, you will discover new savoury dishes. Discover the traditional, spicy Thai cuisine, very different from our western cuisine. At night, enjoy a visit to the very animated markets (fish, flowers, spices, etc).
The best time to travel to Bangkok is between the months of November and April in order to avoid the rainy season. The climate is pleasant and prices are lower when you choose a flight in March or April, avoiding the high tourist season (December and January).

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